The Forbes 2017 Retirement Guide

In this age of second and third career acts, 401(k)s instead of pensions and increasing longevity, decisions about when, where and how to retire are highly personal. With that in mind, our annual Retire Well guide offers blueprints to help you build your own successful plan.

We start with a model portfolio that will get you thinking about whether your nest egg is sufficiently diversified. Next, we’ve got ten techniques for structuring assets so that you report less income to the IRS and escape tax and Medicare penalties that hit the well-off.

Could a move be part of your plan? We name the 25 best places for living an active retirement without owning a car and profile some of the most appealing neighborhoods in those cities. Or, if taxes drive your location decisions, we’ve got details on the ten best–and ten worst–states for high-income folks, plus a rundown of states that offer special income tax breaks to seniors and advice on how to find your own personal retirement tax haven.

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